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Public Art Projects

Heres a mix of workshops, community murals, various styles of art, private commissions and original fine art.


Lilia Ramirez (LiliFlor) Boyle Heights Electrical Art Box Tour 2014 Los Angeles District 14th  commissioned the mural project for boxes extending between Soto Street and the 101 freeway in Boyle Hieghts. 2013

About Me

My Background



Liliflor was born and raised in Los Angeles, her inspiration comes from her upbringing, family, community and underground cultural movements. As a first generation Mexican American “Chicana” she navigated thru L.A’ art scene during the 80’s and 90’s hip hop movement. Graffiti subculture was a critical part in her development, inspiration and path towards a professional art and educational career. Liliflor hones her artistic ability to create vital images on canvas and walls that are representative of Angelinos. She is a cultural art educator championing youth in the arts, using art as a tool for education, cultural awareness, civic engagement, healing and transformation. 

Lilia’s strength lies in her bold approach in integrating Nahuatl cosmology aesthetic experimentation. She brings knowledge of her indigenous roots to bear in her work that dignifies the everyday people of Los Angeles. Her artwork weaves various subjects such as spiritual, urban environments, women, children, indigenous cosmology and culture. Aesthetically Lilia’s work reproduces familiar visual symbols and iconography, that enables her to create a composition of multilayered visuals and storytelling. The themes in her fine art and murals are combinations of ideas inspired by the communities she serves, as an artist, muralist and educator. The lively color schemes bind the iconography with the subject matter and composition. 

My Medium


I use many different mediums, aerosol, acrylics, sharpie ink, and pastels. I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style. People ask me whats your style? I say I'm an expressionist. I paint, draw, use various mixed media, I do altar and art installations, I love to use found objects and up cycle materials, I'm crafty with sewing, I design and make jewelry, as well as make costumes or regalia. I also perform, write, sing and like making funny memes and videos. 

My Inspiration


I enjoy gardening, indigenous healing modalities creating healing spaces for women of color, reading, writing, living with the moon cycles and spending time with family. In my spare time I love hiking and biking.  Many of my pieces are directly influenced by nature. I am interested in learning nahuatl cosmology. My work reflects indigenous iconography and contemporary images. 


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Art Commisions

I do take art commissions upon request. These are custom paintings using my style to make a unique heirloom piece or gift for yourself, loved one, family or friend.  Art commissions start at $300.00 for 8x11-11x14"  price vary depending on size and time spent. Usually an art commission can take 1 -3 months.  Contact me directly for more information to see how I can help you make your vision come to life. 


I will be at the American Indian Museum in Washington D.C. for Dia De Los Muertos  Nov. 2nd, 2019 painting an interactive mural co-sponsored by
The Smithsonian Latino Center More information on their website. 

Patrons and Collectors

I am proud to say that my art collectors and patrons are satisfied with my work. I have many that come back to continue to add to their collection.  You can see them on my Instagram page here I post works in progress and have a highlight for my followers. 

End of the year HOLIDAY ART SALE!

I will be hosting open studio nights and my yearly Soulstice Pop Up event alongside community artisans. Look out for those dates in December. 

Liliflor Art is branching out!

As some of you know I have been dealing with some medical issues. I have been slow in the last 2 years but I have never stopped. I did take time to do some much needed self care. During this time I sketched and also painted when ever I could. I  wrote my intentions and visualized my growth as a creative artist. 

Plans to expand will include:

1) A yearly art calendar

2) An organizer planner book with my art illustrations. 

I have been learning how to make it happen in the last 2 years and almost done with my goals to make it a reality. 

Thank you for your support and encouragement! 


Do you have any I can add?


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AIR Grant 2018-2019 at TRUST South LA